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Software Applications Protection

According to industry specialists & analysts, software applications are the latest attack vector of option for hackers as 75% of attacks starting at the application layer. Attackers are working to subvert software applications across lots of markets.

Mobile and embedded APPS

These are common nowadays, delivering a rising variety of applications and give consumers access to data & information at your fingertips. The challenge is that by their extremely nature, these apps & linked IP is exposed to software hackers, because these atmospheres are distributed & largely one-confidence. If the claim is for a moveable device based on Google Android or Apple iOS, or embedded in devices as varied as a gaming console, set-top box, telemetry equipment, or a smart meter, the software is at danger of disruption, illegal access and reverse engineering.

The Android mobile applications & in particular, are susceptible to a variety of attacks. Arxan can harden your Android, mobile & embedded safety solutions with proprietary software applications.

Financial Services

® Gartner predicts that the volume of mobile payment transactions international to be $ 235 billion this year & grow to $ 721 billion in 2017. As the financial division is undergoing a fast expansion of telephony, which characterized by peer-to -peer payments, balance transfers, bill payment transactions, etc., the fundamental mobile applications are now targets of attack. Mobile financial applications can be simply cracked, change & exploited by hackers - over 90 percent of the Top 100 iOS & Android have been found hacked versions .

The changing outside attack exemplified by inserting malware, bypass dangerous routines , such as detecting jailbreak / root, unauthorized access , fraud or theft of IP / data safety. This needs an evolution in application safety measures to defend the honesty of mobile applications out "in the wild” & that exceed the capabilities at the device level.

Digital Media

Digital media applications are susceptible to hackers throwing manifold feats along the lifecycle of digital media & content makes its method through the making, distribution & consumption. Hackers simply managed with DRM robustness rules content, defense systems (such as conditional access) , software functionality or IP resident in the newer versions of content (such as latest games or home movies .) Hacker’s watermarks, fingerprints algorithms or content safety standards to erode revenue streams (eg media gateways unlock boxes & gambling) as well addressed.

Arxan provides a range of safety software solutions for key protection technologies for desktop and embedded software & customer electronics software -driven code & to completely protect digital living technologies & business models against manipulation and cooperation. Please assist Google Translate get better quality for your language here.

Software Publishers

Software publishers must speak to different software attacks ranging from dual code alteration of host-id spoofing & operating key attacks. Pirate & selling against the law software, gain unlawful access, software decouples node hardware & simply find out keys encrypted software Hackers. Arxan security software can be implemented to talk to these threat vectors in concert or individually.

Gaming Software

Gaming software is theme to nonstop pirate attacks to trick or control the integrity of the game. This affects not just the flow of income from producers, however as well the value of the gaming experience. The manipulation & reverse engineering are chronic troubles, particularly for multiplayer online games, so the safety software must be tough, & not detrimental to the game. Security solutions Arxan software can defend your dangerous game code & vulnerable in a method that works for you & your customers, while keeping one step ahead of the hackers.


ENTERPRISE SECURITY for most multilayer infrastructure relies on the honor of application code as the last line of protection against malicious threats. Arxan application hardening & alert gives defense for software-based assets of an organization (especially those in the machines, websites & locations with limited organizational control) manipulation & reverse engineering attack.

Enriched or thick clients include business logic & security is vulnerable or vulnerable applications that straight access the sensitive databases as well require to be adequately protected.

Consultant Security Solution Provider: Saeed Ehsan


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